DINOSAR is built on 6 Work Packages, that each of them is designed to maximize the expected results.

The different components and the complete system will be conducted in 3 conceptual phases:

Define needs
based on users

Research, design
& test

Guide & exploitation
of results


Use case development

WP1 focuses on the use case development and will document the requirements of potential end-users. This WP has the important role of counterbalancing the technology push from the more research- and technology-focused WPs against end-user requirements involving specific demands. It therefore includes essential feedback links to other work packages to steer the research and development in the right direction.


In-situ data gathering

WP2 focuses on the in-situ data gathering, which consists in bringing together the much-needed field data for the validation and calibration of the DINOSAR algorithms.


Copernicus based 
algorithm development

WP3 will develop the Copernicus based algorithm guided by the user requirements gathered in WP1 new and innovative algorithms will be developed to integrate Copernicus data and in-situ data under.


Operationalisation of 
prototype algorithms

During WP4, the operationalisation of prototype algorithms will be tested. DINOSAR algorithms will be operationalised in eLEAF’s Data Processing Factory, a modular system that can deal with a large variety of datasets at different space and time scales.


Roadmap development

WP5 is dedicated to the roadmap development builds on the work done under WP3 and focuses on a methodology that enables the replication of the DINOSAR results, crucial for further exploitation of the results.


Communication and dissemination

WP6 Communication and dissemination supports the uptake of DINOSAR results by reaching out to targeted end-users. DINOSAR will focus on its marketable outcomes once the roadmap development will be finalised. This WP will also raise awareness of the project activities and outcomes through widespread communication and dissemination activities by informing and engaging relevant public stakeholders and citizens with the environmental aspect of the project.


Project Management

WP7 is dedicated to the management of the technical, financial and administrative aspects of the project as well as data management. WP1 will ensure efficient implementation across DINOSAR so that the objectives are met within the constraints of time, quality, and budget, and all the project partners work together to achieve the goals. In this WP, a collective Data Management Plan (DMP) will also be established.