Launch of the DINOSAR projectwith a kick-off meeting in Wageningen!  

Posted on April 15, 2024

The first meeting of the consortium of DINOSAR took place during 3 days on January 23-25, 2024.

Almost all the meeting sessions were attended by the whole members of the consortium, demonstrating the high engagement of all partners in the project.

The coordinating partner eLEAF welcomed in Wageningen the 5 other partners of the project:

During these 3 days, the consortium attended some great meetings and presentations regarding the course of the project and its objectives.

The first day, each partner presented its plan of action within the DINOSAR project and how they plan to achieve it. These presentations gave a good overview of the work that must be done during this 3-year project and how actions have to be interconnected between the different work packages.

The second day was dedicated to discussions and presentations from the coordinator side, explaining the visualization tool that will be used during the project and illustrating it with a try-out. Then, the consortium headed to the Delft University to meet Dr. Susan Steele-Dunne and had some great talks about:

  1. waterlogging and the stress it causes in sugar cane with Sentinel-1;
  2. Dutch Sandbox Sentinel-1, machine learning Dutch crops;
  3. mission proposal for Earth Explorer 12. Sub-daily [In]SAR for vegetation from space.

Finally, during the morning of the third day, partners talked about some important topics such as the protocol for In-situ data collection or the future of the project and its commercialization aspect.

Looking forward to working together in the next 3 years!

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