Diagnostic that Integrates Optical, infrared and Synthetic Aperture Radar data

DINOSAR is a three-year EU-funded project aiming to develop the Copernicus based algorithms to support smart farming applications that can be used worldwide, even on cloudy areas. 

With the Earth Observation based services, our project will support farmers to match agricultural inputs (fertilisers, pesticides, water) to what the crop needs, decreasing their environmental footprint. To develop this technology, we will focus on one specific case-study: the sugarcane crops in Colombia.  

Parcelle de culture de sucre de canne du projet DINOSAR



6 partners
4 countries


3 years

Start-End Date



1.5 millions €

Our technology

The DINOSAR project will set up an innovative technology based on complementary data that will enable a complete algorithm for agricultural monitoring. The research methodology will be based on the integration of satellite imagery (Copernicus) of sugarcane fields, meteorological data and field measurements of crops.


While developing algorithms helping smart farming application, within its duration, the DINOSAR project will tackle several challenges.

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